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Are you ready to go deeper?

The NAWE is here to equip you!

The NAWE offers a six-step course of study to ordination.

The first five steps ("modules") are for education in basic Christian doctrines and practices. Participants do not have to pursue ordination and may stop there, earning the Certificate of Completion. 

Those wishing to be ordained for ministry as a Deacon or an Elder may continue to the sixth module, which pertains to ordination candidates.

These modules are administered to a class of students via email. Assignments are at your own pace, with weekly due dates. No fee is charged, and there are no textbooks to purchase. You do not have to have a seminary or academic background to understand the topics being taught, and no degree is required to enroll.

For more information on the Course of Study contact us and let's get to know each another.
Sample Course of Study Syllabus:

Module 1: Basic Doctrines -- A survey of basic, biblical doctrines, including an emphasis on Wesleyan theology and biblical holiness. It includes a brief comparison of Christian theologies, cults, and world religions.

Module 2: Biblical Studies -- An overview of the books comprising the Old and New Testaments. It begins with an analysis of various methods for studying the Bible.

Module 3: Church History -- Examining the history of the Christian Church from New Testament times until the present. It gives special attention to the branch of church history related to the Wesleys and the Methodist movement.

Module 4: Personal Spiritual Development -- Emphasizes the importance of a church leader’s own spiritual growth and development. Information and resources to enhance one’s devotional life, prayer life, use of spiritual gifts, and discipleship is explored. An accountability log is kept to encourage the development of the regular practice of these various disciplines.

Module 5: Church Life -- Provides an overview of various aspects of the local church’s ministry, including evangelism, Christian education, worship and music, missions, and youth/children’s ministry.

Module 6: Ordination track -- More information provided upon admission into this module.