National Association of Wesleyan Evangelicals  (NAWE)
MISSIONS:  The DNA of the Body of Christ

The role of missions cannot be overstated.  As such, the NAWE is planning a Youth Mission for 2017, and your congregation's youth (and adults as chaperones) can be involved.  Below, you will find four choices.  Rank the options which best suit your church and send your response 
to us through the Contact Us button.

Below you will find the four possibilities for a youth mission trip (with adult chaperons)
for the week of June 23-30, 2018.  Please rank them from one to four, with one being the
opportunity you think will work best for your group and four being the trip that you feel
will be least workable.

A Project at Your Church: Church repairs, VBS, community project, etc.. Please let us
know what your specific need is. Also, if you don't have a project at your church, would
your young people be willing to work at another church.

Team Effort:  We would work with a church or community in a U.S. city. Types of work
range from home repair, small construction projects, all-day VBS sessions, working with
the poor, disaster relief, etc..

Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation (Montana):  Working with a local church, we would
minister to the community through sports, puppets, drama, music, preaching, Bible Study,
evangelism, etc..

Adventures in Mission:  In downtown Atlanta, we would serve homeless teens, drug or
alcohol addicts, runaways, and even modern day slaves (human trafficking is a big issue
in Atlanta). We would provide meals, clothing, friendship, Bibles, and the Gospel
through drama, sports, and small groups.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of these possibilities for our young people to
serve together.  Please respond by clicking the Contact Us button.

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