National Association of Wesleyan Evangelicals  (NAWE)
Our Bylaws, Approved July 20, 2012
Chapter 1 – Parliamentary Procedure

Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the authoritative basis for parliamentary procedure in all association meetings.

Chapter 2 – Filling of Vacancies in Elected Positions

The Executive Committee shall be empowered to fill vacancies occurring in all elected positions during a term of office, subject to approval at the next Annual Meeting. 

Chapter 3 - Association Funding

Funding for the NAWE is on a voluntary basis.  

Chapter 4 - Committees and Responsibilities

  • Executive Committee
          The Executive Committee shall consist of both clergy and laity, with the number of members to be determined by the Annual Meeting. The responsibilities 
          of the Executive Committee are set forth in Article IV of the Constitution.  

  • Committee on Ministerial Relations
          The Committee on Ministerial Relations shall consist of not fewer than three Elders. In addition to their responsibilities outlined in Article V of the          
          Constitution, the committee shall hold all ministerial members accountable for their personal character and for the exercise of their ministerial office.  

  • Committee on Finance
           The Committee on Finance shall consist of not fewer than three persons to include both clergy and laity. The committee shall prepare an operating budget 
           annually and shall present it at the Annual Meeting for action.  

  • Committee on Nominations
​          The Committee on Nominations shall consist of not fewer than three persons to include both clergy and laity. The committee shall submit a slate of 
          nominees for consideration at the Annual Meeting. 

  • Trustees
          The Trustees shall consist of three persons who are at least twenty-one years of age. They shall be elected for a three-year term with one of them being 
          elected each year. The Trustees are empowered to hold title to all property and to accept bequests, endowments, and such other assets as the 
          association may acquire.  
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